December 23, 2010

Sister Locks

I am currently on the east coast (Maryland) spending the holidays with my boyfriend and his family. I've been pretty busy, hence the hiatus from posting.

In regards to the title: no, I didn't try out the sister locks style. But this is my sister, and these are her locks. Haha!

She's a type 2 curly (wavy) with a few sections of 3 curls sprinkled throughout. Her hair is long and very thick and has the tendency to dry out easily. Because of that, it poofs out a lot, and she wanted me to try something on her hair to tame the poofiness. So, I told her we could try a braidout.

She really liked it. And though it still has a lot of volume here, it's a lot less poofy than normal. She also liked the definition she got because normally, her hair is so dry that her waves aren't very defined.

I will try to update when I have more time! =]


  1. her hair is beautiful!!!! you did a good job!!!

  2. Thank you! She was very happy with it.