September 5, 2011

Ethnic Background Does NOT Dictate Hair Type

Hi all!
I definitely frequent YouTube hair Vlogs more than I do hair blogs. After watching a video by MsAriella89 (LOVE her videos,) I found that I agreed with her position; your ethnic/racial makeup doesn't matter when it comes to your hair type. There's not a specific type of "biracial hair." You could be mixed and have the coiliest, kinkiest curls. Likewise, you might be born to two Black parents and have a head full of much looser ones. I decided to share how my sisters and I are a PERFECT example of this. Each of us has very different hair even though we have the same parents and come from the same ethnic background.

Here's the video MsAriella89 posted:

Here's my video response. It includes a very short Q&A session with my sisters:
Another look at our hair and hair types. 
Remember, this is my hair in a straw set. 
My natural curls are close to a 3C/4A.
Sister in the middle has 3B curls.
Sister on the far right has 2B curls/waves.

So again, there's no such thing as "biracial hair!" 
Individuals, regardless of their racial makeup, have different hair.