December 23, 2010

Sister Locks

I am currently on the east coast (Maryland) spending the holidays with my boyfriend and his family. I've been pretty busy, hence the hiatus from posting.

In regards to the title: no, I didn't try out the sister locks style. But this is my sister, and these are her locks. Haha!

She's a type 2 curly (wavy) with a few sections of 3 curls sprinkled throughout. Her hair is long and very thick and has the tendency to dry out easily. Because of that, it poofs out a lot, and she wanted me to try something on her hair to tame the poofiness. So, I told her we could try a braidout.

She really liked it. And though it still has a lot of volume here, it's a lot less poofy than normal. She also liked the definition she got because normally, her hair is so dry that her waves aren't very defined.

I will try to update when I have more time! =]

December 10, 2010

It's Been a Little While

Hi all! 
I've finally finished Fall Quarter of classes and today marks my second day back at home! 

I haven't posted in a while because I haven't been doing anything special with my hair. Just the usual straw set that's been lasting me 4-5 days. Don't mind my thrilled face here. Haha!

I noticed when I did this particular straw set, that I've got a good 4 inches of growth now.  By Christmas, I'll be 4 months into my transition. If i continue at this rate, I'll be at a comfortable enough length to do my mini-chop after 12 months. My goal was 16 months, but let's see how fast my hair grows.
You can see the clear differentiation in textures.
On that same note, does anyone know of any vitamins I can take that promote hair growth? 

Something else I noticed during this straw set, was that using the Cantu Shea Butter and following with the Eco Styler gel are probably going to work well to define my curls when my hair grows out. I say this because I realized my natural curls were really defined when I took the straws out after my hair had dried.

December 1, 2010

I Broke Up With my Stylist Today

It's official! She sent me a text message asking me about scheduling a regular relaxer touch-up.
I let her know I was going natural and that was that.
No hard feelings here, she is an awesome person and I hope we DO stay in touch! =)
Happy December! =]