Faith, Family, Friends, Food,' Fros, Fun
                                    that order

Hi! I'm Vanessa. =]
I'm a 24-year-old graduate student and educator from Southern California. Besides the all important Five F's in my life (that pretty purple list you see at the top,) I love writing short fiction, working with children, playing volleyball, DIY projects, sushi buffets, and my amazing boyfriend of over five years.

"So what's with this blog?" you ask?
Well...In September 2010, after getting my hair relaxed faithfully for ten years, I decided to go natural and stop getting relaxers. That October, I decided to publicly document my natural hair journey and wrote my very first post on this blog.

I decided to long-term transition instead of doing a big chop.There were some definite bumps along the way as I tried to deal with the two drastically different textures of transitioning hair, but I found my go-to style and stuck to it for almost two years. 23 months after my last relaxer, I finally cut off the remaining damaged ends and became 100% natural for the first time since I was 11 years old! It felt great, but of course with the new change, came a new hair journey: learning my natural hair. I documented much of that process too!

I'm still blogging, even now that I'm well-acquainted with my hair. I hope this blog finds its way to girls who are starting, or in the middle of their own natural hair journeys, and helps them through it in some way! You can do it! =]

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Last updated: 11/17/13