November 16, 2010

Straw Set Results

After removal of all these straws... are the results of my straw set.
They look sort of like dreads in this blurry photo:

Here's a better one from the side:

After piecing them apart:

After adding a side comb:

Ready to go!

Love! I'm going to try to milk this straw set as long as I possibly can. Stay tuned!

Click Here For My Straw Set Tutorial


  1. I LOVE IT! Could you do a tutorial?

  2. this looks really pretty! I forgot about straw sets. i may have to try this!

  3. Ahh! Thank you ladies! I love the way it came out...especially for my first try. I can only get better at it, right?

    @CookieLove- Yes, I can make a tutorial. I'll try to put one together the next time I do a straw set (which will probably be right after this one expires because I love it so much! haha!) and I'll post it on my blog. =]