November 29, 2010

Twist Out Help?

So I'm still rocking the straw set. I'm telling you, it's my favorite! I wore another straw set this Thanksgiving weekend. It lasted me a full 5 days again and I'm still getting compliments and a lot of "this hair is so you." Hmm..a style closer to my natural texture is "so me?" Who'da thunk? Haha! Anyway, the straw set is quickly  becoming my staple transitioning style. =]

Anyway, I really want to try a twist out, but I CANNOT figure out how to twist my hair! The process seems simple enough, but each time I have tried it, The twists just unravel and don't stay put. Does it have to do with the fact that my ends are relaxed? Most tutorials I've seen feature girls with fully natural hair and I'm thinking the natural texture is what helps hold them in place. Does this mean I can't wear a twist out while I'm transitioning? Help!!! Are there any YouTube tutorials that have a good thorough explanation of how to set the ends of twists?  I really want to figure out the twist out!


  1. hey i have seen people twist their hair and then just use perm rods at the end or flexi rods at the end since the relaxed hair prevents it from staying in the twist & ur ends will hav a curled look to it rather than twisting it and having straight ends..

  2. hey thanks! I figured it was because of my relaxed ends. I'll have to try some perm rods next time.

  3. Im going natural too and what i noticed what works for me is if my hair is lightly damp not soaked. untill it grows out more then doing them soaked will work.

  4. Okay! I think I'm going to give the twist outs 1 or 2 more times and then I'll give up until my hair grows out completely.
    Thanks for the advice ladies!