November 21, 2010

Salvaging a Braidout Fail

On the previous post, I mentioned that I had my hair in braids and was going to take them out later. I was economical and used the clipped ends from the straws I used to do my straw set at the end of the braids so that I wouldn't have straggly ends.

However... I realized I need to stick to parting my hair down the side, because I don't like the shape of the hair when I part it down the middle. So, I had to figure out something I could do with a middle-parted braidout to salvage the work I put in last night braiding it. I ended up doing some version of a chunky flat twist with a side pony. A new style idea that I've never tried before.

This is the back:

Overall, it's just kind of...meh. I like the back, But I'm not crazy about the front. It's lopsided and uneven. It looks better than the full braidout did though.And with more practice, I think it can be really cute. Oh well, lesson learned-keep my parts off to the side, not down the center.

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