July 17, 2012

Growth Update: 22 Months Post-Relaxer

Hi all!

I haven't updated in a while mostly because there hasn't been a whole lot of *new* going on with my hair. 
I'm doing my usual straw sets and caring for my hair the same way I have been the past year or so and I really haven't experimented with any others styles or methods lately. So that's the reason for the lack of recent posts. But, it's been 22 months since my last relaxer! I'm SO CLOSE to my initial two-year goal!

I've really been trying to play with my hair right after I wash it to get more familiar with my natural 
un-manipulated (is that a word? lol!) texture. 

Here's what it looks like: 
 I really need to trim some more off of the left side (pictured below) because it seems that I've left more straight ends on that side than the left. But, I do like the shape of my hair right now. 

Here's the right side. As I said, here you can hardly even see the straight pieces, whereas on the left they're much more visible:

 Here's the front view so you can see the lopsided shape I'm talking about. This is EASILY taken care of though! Just need to trim off more of the straight stuff. I'm happy regardless because my hair has definitely grown a lot! =) 

And here's what my straw set looks like at 21 months...

...and 22 months!

It gets bigger (and healthier) by the day. =)

Well, that's all for now!
Have a great week and THANK YOU for checking in! =)

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