November 20, 2010

Straw Set Tutorial

I was listening to my iPod when En Vogue came on
and their album cover popped up on my screen:
Disclaimer: I do not own this image. 
Love the hair! =]

Because a few people have asked, I made a tutorial on how I do my straw set. I also included how I sleep to preserve and maintain the curls overnight. Hope this is helpful! =]


  1. thank you thank you! I will be trying this!! :D

  2. you're welcome! =] I want to see photos when you're done!

  3. heyyy i love ur hair and i wanted to do my hair like tht too and i also air dry my hair but i dont hav the whole day so i was wondering how do you wrap ur hair to sleep with it??? please help!

  4. @Anonymous - It's kind of hard to describe in writing. Put the satin scarf over your head and pull it tight so that the straws lay flat against your head. I'll try to do a video on that sometime. Check out my YouTube page for updates.

  5. What kind of treatment do you use on the straw set everyday to maintain it?

  6. Hi anonymous- I don't do much to my hair until it's time to wash again. If it starts looking dry, I might add some live oil. I sleep with a silk scarf at night and i finger fluff it in the morning. That's all! pretty low maintenance.

  7. Can i put the straws in and sleep with them?

    1. yes you can, that's what i did! =)