November 9, 2010

Back to the real world...

...after a weekend at the Happiest Place on Earth! I bought 2-day tickets to Disneyland for me and my boyfriend as his graduation present this past June and we both had a BLAST. It was my first time going in three years and his first time ever, since he's not from California.

We got a chance to see the "World of Color" show...
it's amazing what Disney can do with just water and some lights!!!

As for the hair, I'm so thankful for YouTube and natural hair blogs for introducing me to the co-washing technique! I've been washing my hair with shampoo just once a week and then co-washing the rest of the week whenever my hair needs it. My hair is feeling softer. For Disneyland, I wanted something comfortable that would keep my hair out of my face when I went on rides.

So I wore a low bun or a half-up, half-down wash and go.

I'm still so tired and need more recovery time... haha. So I'll check in with everyone later! =]


  1. YOUR SO LUCKY!! disneyland is better than ice cream any day haha. Im so curious to know: what does your boyfriend think of your hair transition?

    ohh and Terri Laflesh has great advice on her site on hair stuff, you probably heard of her before!

  2. My boyfriend wasn't excited at all when I brought up the idea of a big chop. When I told him I was going to long-term transition because I wasn't comfortable with a big chop either, that eased him some, but it still took him a little while to get used to the idea of seeing me with different hair. For as long as he's known me, my hair has been long and straight. But after I showed him some hairstyles I can wear with natural hair and explaining to him why I wanted to do it, he's on board now. He takes me to buy products and helps me pick out hair accessories. It really helps to have him be completely okay with it. =]

    And yes, I've heard of Terri Laflesh. I'll add her to my research!