November 18, 2010

Homemade Hair Accessory - Little Black Bow

I wanted an accessory for my hair today, and decided on a bow. Unfortunately, I didn't have a black one to match my outfit today. So, I opted on making one myself. It came out cute and I took photos so I can easily remember when I want to make more of them, and of course, to share with anyone who wants to try it out too!

                                  I started off with a short piece of black ribbon.                                 
Then, I hot glued it into a loop

I took another piece of ribbon. 
This one was thinner than the initial piece.

I tied the thin piece around the center of the initial piece.
This  is what it looked like.

Then I took a second piece of the same initial ribbon.
This piece was a little longer than the piece I looped.
I took a hair clip (I actually found that a bobby pin works better,)
opened it up, and placed the ribbon through it.

I then folded the ribbon over like this, 
and hot glued the fold so the bobby pin was secured.

Finally, I took the top half and hot glued it to the base. 
The finishing touch was to cut the edges of the ribbon at an angle.

The whole thing took about 5 minutes 
and it was just the thing I needed to jazz up my 'do.
This is my third day hair. =]

The curls are still hanging in there!


  1. I will def be trying this out! I love DIY stuff!

  2. do you sleep on this style?

  3. You are just too cute! And I really like the DIY bow.

  4. Thank you! =] Try the bow! It's super easy!