November 17, 2010

Second Day Hair

Day two of my straw set. I almost like this style better the second day with a little teensy weensy bit of frizz because the curls look more natural and less manufactured. The curls are still nice and defined and it's still got volume and bounce/body. I didn't pin the side of my hair today like I did yesterday. Instead, I just kinda brushed some hair from the front off to the side. It looked really cute though and I got so many compliments on my hair today that I really lost count! haha.

Webcam pics... not as good quality as my iphone photos, but they serve their purpose nonetheless. =]

I'm hoping to make this style last 5 days (until Sunday) and then I think I'm probably going to re-do the straw set. I really, really like it! =]  Until next time!

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