November 4, 2010

Curl Pattern is Poppin! =]

My curl pattern is really starting to take shape. I know it can still change once my hair grows out more, but I LOVE what I'm seeing right now. It looks like it's in the 3c/4a range? It's still hard for me to tell - in another 3 months it will be more pronounced and I can't wait! =] The previous hair growth update I posted was my hair when wet, and these photos are what it looks like dry (with hair lotion and olive oil organic root stimulator in it.)

A little less than two inches of natural growth?

Curl pattern close-up.

Extreme curl pattern close-up.

I am loving my natural texture! I haven't seen it in so long. Its crazy because as soon as there was any sign of curl at my roots, I would run to the salon to get a touch-up relaxer and now I'm dying for more curls to show up! I'm just way anxious to get some more length...

My natural length w/ shrinkage and all!
(This isn't the longest it got either.)

I cannot wait to be there ^^^ again. 
Except this time I'll be armed with knowledge of how to take care of and style it.
I'm so excited! 


  1. hmm it looks like your more of a 3c maybe 4a..just a tad of it. its good to see your loving the journey so far.

    p.s.- picking out a good product that will hold the twists together depends on what your hair natural texture loves moisterizer (thick and creamy) and conditioner. the relaxed ends like something light. i use the treseme conditioners as well so that helps, and spray gel for curly hair or just plain ole gel. (even though i dont like gels but the relaxed ends do) what does your hair like so far??

  2. Well, I now know my hair loves co-washing. I can't believe I never knew of this technique before, but it leaves my hair soft. I haven't used gels in years. The ones I've tried before get flaky or too stiff for my liking. I need to experiment more though, because that was years ago. I may try some pomades or "hair butter"? I'm still experimenting. I know my hair seems to cooperate with Organic Root Stimulator products. Namely, their Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion and their Sheen Spray. However, I've learned that I need to start looking at ingredients and darn, the hair lotion contains petrolatum (which dries out the hair) and the sheen spray is mineral oil (which ALSO dries out the hair.) So after I run out of these bottles, I won't be buying anymore. I'm still doing research to find out what is healthiest and I'm going to keep experimenting so that I'll have the right products by the time my hair grows out and I cut off the relaxed ends! Sorry I replied with a novel haha!