November 16, 2010

New products!

I finally got the chance to go out and buy some new products! I needed a leave in conditioner (I bought the CAntu Shea Butter Leave-In) and something to hold styles and sets so I bought Lottabody Texturizing Setting Lotion and the Eco Styler Gel. I also bought more bobby pins, and some spray bottles for water and leave-in conditioner. Now, a couple days ago, I ran across some videos on youtube that showed tutorials and results for straw sets and flexi rod sets. I LOVED both of the looks, so, of COURSE I also bought 3 packs of flexi rods and 2 packs of straws. Ha! I was really eager to try out the straw set, so I set out to do it last night. It took a LOT of patience.

I put my new products to the test:

I washed and conditioned my hair and blot-dried it with a towel so that it was still about 75% wet. Then I parted my hair into 4 big sections (down the middle and straight across) and clipped three of them away. I sectioned of the chunk of hair into much smaller sections. For each of the tiny sections, I combed through some of the Cantu Shea Butter and then followed with the Eco Styler gel. Then, starting at the bottom of the straw, I wrapped the hair around all the way to the top and secured the straw with a bobby pin.

After much sectioning and wrapping, this is how my head looked.

Then, I wrapped them in a satin scarf and....slept in them. Yes, I slept like this.Why? Haha, because I'm determined to not use any heat on my hair if I can help it (which I can.) It was extremely uncomfortable at first, I had to find a position that would allow me to actually fall asleep - on my stomach with my face almost right in the pillow. Finally, I dozed.

This morning when I woke up, I realized I ended up rolling over onto my back, as the straws at the back of my head weren't sticking out anymore. They had bent to the shape of my head.

I don't have to go out anywhere for another couple hours, so the straws are still in my head and I will update with the results right before I leave the house!


  1. That Cantu stuff smells sooo freaking good. I wish it would have worked out for me.

  2. I do love the way it smells. I'm sorry it didn't work for you! =\