May 7, 2014


Hello all!

I have come to the conclusion that I will no longer post on this blog.
I do not have the time( I haven't posted since December 2013),
nor any new material (I'm out of topics y'all!) to post.

However, I will keep this blog "active" and continue to allow comments, because it documents my journey from the very beginning of my transition, to the two years later when I chopped my relaxer off, to a couple months into my 100% natural phase. I will check back and reply to comments when I see them. My hope is that my previous posts can help someone along their way on their own transitioning.natural hair journey. This does not necessarily mean I will stop making videos. But as for this blog, I will keep it to a transitioning blog, and you will see no more posts here from this point forward.

To those of you who have always checked back for updates and read every single one of my posts: THANK YOU for sticking with me!
It has been one amazing ride!

Signing off forever!


  1. Sad to see you go but I understand.

  2. I have been transitioning for 1 year and 3 months, and your posts help me a lot, since my hair looks a lot like yours. Plus, is not easy to find long term transitioners (at least not here in Brazil). I feel a lot of pressure to chop my hair from my friends, and read about your transition helps me to stay calm and patient, and wait for moment when I'll feel comfortable with my hair's lenght. So, thank you, very much. =)