January 6, 2011

Hello, Hello

Hi there!

I'm finally back in California, so hopefully, the blog updates will be coming more frequently. On my last day on the east coast, we had planned to go to the last Redskins game of the season. I had a minor hair emergency - I had straw set my hair overnight but I overslept and as a result, I didn't have time to take the chunky curls apart. I'm not a huge fan of the way the chunky curls look when they are worn out without being separated, so I had to think fast. I ended up pulling all my hair back into a low side bun and adding a flower. I should have taken more photos, but it didn't cross my mind until later. 
This is the view from the front.
I got lucky because it ended up raining, and if i had separated the curls, my hair would have become ultimate frizz. I like how it looked kind of like I had locs for a day.

That's all for now! Until next time!

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