January 16, 2011

4 months

Here's my growth so far, on dry hair. Sorry they're a bit yellow!


  1. Its growing in very nicely. Your hair looks so soft! What hair type would you say you have?

  2. beautiful!! patience!!!! i always remind myself of that word..especially when its growing and shrinking at the sametime GRRR!!

  3. @Retromus-ik -->I'd say i'm a 3c/4a or a little bit of both. what's your hair type?

    @Mimi-Louise-Love --> YES! Sometimes it looks SHORTER in length, but I know it's because I have a lot of shrinkage. I can tell my roots are getting longer though. But yep, yep...patience is key and mine is growing slim. I want to see my hair without the curl being weighed down by the straight ends already!

  4. I would say I'm 4a/4b...I think. It's always so interesting to discover what your hair looks like without a relaxer!