September 5, 2011

Ethnic Background Does NOT Dictate Hair Type

Hi all!
I definitely frequent YouTube hair Vlogs more than I do hair blogs. After watching a video by MsAriella89 (LOVE her videos,) I found that I agreed with her position; your ethnic/racial makeup doesn't matter when it comes to your hair type. There's not a specific type of "biracial hair." You could be mixed and have the coiliest, kinkiest curls. Likewise, you might be born to two Black parents and have a head full of much looser ones. I decided to share how my sisters and I are a PERFECT example of this. Each of us has very different hair even though we have the same parents and come from the same ethnic background.

Here's the video MsAriella89 posted:

Here's my video response. It includes a very short Q&A session with my sisters:
Another look at our hair and hair types. 
Remember, this is my hair in a straw set. 
My natural curls are close to a 3C/4A.
Sister in the middle has 3B curls.
Sister on the far right has 2B curls/waves.

So again, there's no such thing as "biracial hair!" 
Individuals, regardless of their racial makeup, have different hair.


  1. Nice videos..Its really interesting to read about your hair styling..Thanks a lot..

  2. I have to agree with this. I have learned SOOOO much from watching naturals on Youtube. I am mixed (white & black) and used to think that my hair was "different." I think a lot of black women have been tricked into believing a bunch of negative hype about our hair and I'm glad that so many are deciding to embrace their natural hair and grow it long and beautiful. I'm kinda inspired to write a post about this issue on my blog!

  3. if you do post on this topic, let me know! =)

  4. You are so inspiring. I literally decided to transition yesterday, stumbled on your blog from google images and I now know straw sets will be my thing. Thanks, you are a blessing.

  5. Thank you! =) That is great to hear! Good luck with your transition! =)