March 10, 2013

To Dye or not to Dye?

Hi all!

I've been toying with the idea of coloring my hair in April/May for the summer months. I think it would be a fun change and now is the time to do it since I am just about to finish my credential program and I won't be teaching until fall. So, if I don't like it, or decide on a color like RED, I don't have to worry!

I like blonde, but I photoshopped a blonde/caramel brown fro on my head, and meh...
It's kind of cute, but I think it's also a bit much for my medium-brown skin tone!

 So, maybe some highlights instead? My issue then, is that I'll be damaging my hair again. And part of the reason why I stopped getting relaxers was because I wanted to end the cycle of damage. So I'm not to keen on re-introducing harsh chemicals into my regimen.

So what I'm left with are two options I'm considering. 
1) Try multiple applications of henna. 
(I've done this before and I love the red tint in the sun and subtle reddish-brown hues indoors.)
2) Try Manic Panic's line of vegan Semi-permanent dyes. 
(They do not contain ammonia or peroxide like permanent dyes, and they wash out after several shampoos.)

Both options are non-damaging on my hair and don't require the commitment of permanent color.
The downside here, is I won't get my blonde/highlights, but I can still play with warm reds, jet blacks and deep purples. And that's all I really want: something different and fun for summer!

So in the within the next two months, my hair may be in for another change!! 
Until next time! =)

Disclaimer: I do not own this image. 
PS. Here's the lovely lady who's hair I borrowed. ;) 


  1. Or dying the slow natural route. Quick some lemon juice on your hair and sit in the sun. Yes, but slowly and it won't be a drastic a change as you want, I'm sure. Every single time I have ever tried color for fun my hair has responded by departing. However, that was in my relaxed days. But I'll tell you what, I am too chicken to try it now that I'm natural. With my luck, the color would take out the rest of my hair and there'll I be . . . bald.

    Good luck with your decision.

    1. Thank you! =) And departing scares me!I've never colored my hair before so I'm pretty in the dark about it all. As with everything though, I need to do my research before I dive in! I'm leaning toward henna again, but more applications than I've done before for more of a pop of tint.

  2. Hey there, I'm a you tube fan . do you have a special routine you do for your henna treatments?

    1. hi! I have 2 posts on henna treatments. you can copy and paste the links into your browser to see them.

      this is the first one (you have to dig through the post till you come to the end with the henna:

      here's the 2nd post:

      hope that helps! =)