September 3, 2013

Hello Naked Hair (TRUE Wash & Go?)

Hi all!

Today, for the first time, I was really digging my hair as soon as I stepped out of the shower! I would consider this my "true" wash and go, though the more defined look is what comes to mind when the term "wash and go" is used. It's kind of a chunky, piece-y fro & you can definitely see my multiple textures!
Check it out:

However, while I like the look, I still haven't grown the balls to do a product-free hairstyle and then walk out the house as is! Plus, it's still super hot in LA lately and wearing my hair down didn't sound too appealing. I still liked it in a high puff though! 

Until next time! =)


  1. Hi. Your videos are very helpful. Just wondering-how do you trim your ends without straightening your hair?

    1. I haven't trimmed my hair since I was transitioning! lol. I know, shame on me! LOL.