July 12, 2011

A Few Henna Color/Tint Before & Afters

This video was made to serve as a resource for people with dark hair who want to know what their hair might look like after a henna treatment in terms of color and tint.  Sometimes the color is not as noticeable, regardless of whether you are outdoors or not, (the first 2 sets of photos) while other times it's much more apparent (the rest of the photos.) There's a wide range of possibility and it all depends on how your hair decides to act that day! haha. So for anyone out there curious to try henna for color, take a look!

PS. At 2:33, the video cuts out for some reason. :/ The part that got cut off was me trying to say "Depending on how much lemon juice you add or don't add, that will determine how much the red tint will pop."

I have a lot more planned for upcoming videos that I will be posting here, including revealing what a full year of my new growth looks like, an attempt at feather hair extensions for transitioners/naturals, and my first try at a "satin scarf" braidout. Will that solve my straggly end problem? Be on the lookout for those!

I hope you're all enjoying your summer! And thanks so much for reading. =)

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