June 22, 2011

10-months Post Relaxer

Hi all!
I'm officially a University of California, Riverside alumnus. It feels so strange!
I wore a straw set  to the ceremony (surprise!)  
I had to practice getting the damn mortarboard hat to stay put, but it ended up working out.
I didn't even get "hat hair!" =) 

It's been ten months since my last relaxer and my hair has grown a lot.
I gauge it's length by how many "dips" or "waves" I can count.
I'm not ready to lose so much length yet, and I don't really have a plan on when I'm thinking of doing the Big Chop. So for now, I'm just waiting it out, straw setting and getting excited about the progress.

@2 months:

@ 10 months:

@ 4 months:

@ 10 months

In other news: My boyfriend's parents are flying in to CA from Maryland and they have a lot planned for us.
So this coming week, I'll be with them at their time share on a (much needed) mini-vacation!
Look for twitter updates on that. =)

That's all for now!
Happy first week of Summer!


  1. your hair is growing beautifully! congrats on graduating =)

  2. thank you on both accounts! =)

  3. Congratulations on your academic achievement and also growing out your hair =) It looks lovely.

    Megan Joy

  4. @Aussie Blue - Thank you! I'm still pushing! =)