March 29, 2012

Growth Update: Transitioning Hair, 18 Months Post-Relaxer

Hi all!
Finally a new video!
I know I haven't made one in months, and I apologize (especially to my YouTube subscribers) for that! My computer had been out of  commission forever: no audio, buggy when connecting to the internet. It was VERY difficult to make videos with it that way. Now that it's up and running again, I'm hoping the videos will be more regular like they used to be! And if there's anything YOU want to see in a future video, please let me know! =)

Anyway, this video is just a photo montage update on my transition. I am now 18 months (a year and a half!!) post-relaxer. Just 6 months away from my initial goal! =)
How far along are you guys, and how much further do you plan to go?



  1. Nice! Very nice . . . especially now at 1.5 years post relaxer. I love that 18 month post photo! I'd love to try a straw set . . . but who am I kidding? I just don't have that much patience. It looks GREAT on you!!

  2. Thank you! =) The straw set does take some patience, but i've done it so much now, that the process goes by quickly, especially if i'm watching tv while i do it! ;)

  3. I'm like 4 months away from my big chop, in November it'll be a yr post relaxer. I cannot wait! I'm so excited and so ready to get rid of the relaxed ends. even if it means rocking a twa. I love your video, the progress and change is amazing. I learned to do my first straw set from your youtube video. I can't wait to see the bc keep us posted.

  4. @ Product Junkie- I'm so glad I could help you! and i'm so excited to cut my ends too! my goal date is coming up so soon! i will definitely update when i chop! =)