April 6, 2012

Length Check


This week..before I started one of my straw sets, I got a huge itch for chopping off my ends.
So I cut all of the relaxer off from the bottom section of my hair. 


After (Shrunken):

After (Stretched):

There's a LOT of length there, but man, does my hair deliver a serious dose of shrinkage! lol.
When I saw how much shorter my hair was without the ends, I decided to only cut the relaxer from that bottom layer completely and just do a light trim of the rest of it. My itch and temporary curiosity were satisfied. 

Here's how this particular straw set turned out:

I actually really like how it turned out with my trim!

Anyway, for those who celebrate: happy Easter weekend!
Have a safe, fun and blessed one! 


  1. I'm doing a long term transition and I just came across your YouTube channel and decided to check out your blog. And you are doing an amazing job with your hair it looks great keep it up!!

  2. Your straw set came out GREAT! Jeesh! Just fantastic. Congratulations on your decision to cut some. I know I didn't realize how much my relaxed ends weighed down my curls. Like you, once they were cut (I also cut the back of my hair!), I was shocked at how fast my hair raced to my scalp. LOL! Your hair looks great . . . keep up the good work!

  3. @Anonymous- Thank you for the encouragement! Good luck on your transition!!

    @JazzWife- Thank you! I think the straws sets keep looking better the more my hair grows out. I love them more and more. =) And i said, the itch to cut was satisfied! haha! i'm glad i did it because now I know for sure I want to wait a little longer! thank you for checking in with me from time to time. I appreciate the kind words and encouragement.