January 14, 2013


Hi all! 
Wooh! I finally got the twist-out to work for me!
If you recall, two years ago, at the very start of my transition, twist-outs (and braid-outs) were fail after fail on my hair. I would try them and they would unravel at the bottom and leave me with straggly ends or without being able to keep a twist in place at all.

Not anymore! 
Now that I'm 100% natural, my twists stay put all night and don't unravel.

I only used two products that my boyfriend so graciously gave me for Christmas to finally try out! He knows I am dying to try new products, but don't want to blow the money that every product junkie does. So this was much appreciated! The Kinky-Curly Knot Today and Spiral Spritz(plus water of course!) were the only things I used to twist my wet hair. 

My first successful twists are below:

This process took 20-30 minutes, half the time of my usual straw sets. 
Then, I slept in them and let them air-dry overnight. 
This was the result of untwisting and fluffing with almond oil in the morning 
(which also took no longer than 20 minutes) :

My second attempt was successful as well. I actually like this look better because it is even fluffier. I think this is due to the fact that I used almond oil to separate the twists for the first attempt, and dry fingers to separate the twists for this second attempt:

Overall, I LOVE it! This is so much simpler and quicker than the straw set. I think I have found my new back-up style for nights that I don't want to spend the longer time to do a straw set (40 minutes to twist and untwist vs. 2 hours to straw set and remove/untwist straws.) I wish I had tried this out way as soon as I cut off my relaxed ends! Don't get me wrong, I still adore straw sets. But this is a great alternative and I'm sooo glad I finally gave it a shot!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Have a great week ahead!
Until next time! =]


  1. Oh my! Your hair is beautiful! I always hear such great things about the Kinky curly products. I should really give them a try.

    1. Thank you! This was my first time trying their products! I would buy again.

  2. blessings..
    great curls and you are as cute as a button with those dimples.

    hallelujah to your success....

  3. Twist outs look so awesome on you! I still loooove your straw sets tho best but you should do more twist outs for sure! I'm entering my 14th month transitioning and I'll be trying out a straw set for the first time when I take out my current senegalese twists.

    1. thank you! straw sets are still my favorite too! but twist outs are so much quicker! i love senegalese twists! i plan to get some sometime. Good luck with your continued transition and your straw set! =)