January 13, 2013

Update: Christmas Straw Set, NYE Wash & Go

Hi all!

This is an update on the styles I wore for the holidays.
Christmas Eve and Day were a usual straw set. I spent the holiday on the East Coast where I wore the same straw set for 6 days. Even through hair held up fine in the wind, rain and snow. 

Christmas Eve, 5th day hair:

Christmas Day, 6th day hair:

For New Year's Eve, because I was much too lazy to do a straw set on December 30th, I woke up on December 31st not exactly sure what to do with my hair. I wanted something cute, and I did NOT want to wear my hair in a puff like I usually do when I don't wear my hair down and out. So I opted to wash my hair and try some finger coils.

It took me about 2 hours in the bathroom with leave in conditioner and gel to define my curls with my fingers and work with my stubborn multiple-textures. Then I didn't like the result and threw it into a high puff anyway. I was extremely frustrated that I had spent all that time on a look I didn't even end up liking and that I resorted to an everyday look (a puff) that I did not want to wear on a holiday.

So about 10 minutes after I put my hair in a puff, I went back to the bathroom, sprayed my hair with water and just combed it out. My hair already had leave-in conditioner and gel in it, so I ended up with a mostly-defined wash and go that only took 10 minutes. Yeeesh, after all that! Ever have hair days like this? Lol.

I added a black sequined headband and gold earrings to complete this NYE look:

I hope your new year is off to a great start! 
Until next time! =]

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