November 20, 2013

PSA: Do Not Buy From Queen Style Hairs Co.

It was brought to my attention that this company, Queen Style Hairs Co., (which sells wigs,) was using my photo on their website claiming I was wearing a Brazilian remy Lace Front from their store.  I never gave Queen Style Hairs Co. permission to use my photo in any way, shape, or form and especially not for advertising purposes and monetary gain! This made me upset. Not only because they were infringing on my portrait rights, but also because they were clearly lying to consumers! After looking through their other products, it became increasingly clear to me that this company does not use many (if any) authentic photos of their own products, but uses photos of celebrities an normal girls claiming they are wearing this product. Girls will log on to their website and see these images thinking that they are ordering a wig that looks like the one in the photo, when it is NOT! Keep in mind all of these wigs sell for triple digits in American money, and some of them are listed for upwards of $380!  This is completely unethical.

I sent the online store owner a private message asking her to remove any and all images of me from anywhere they were used on her site. I also filed a complaint with the host website ( to inform them that one of their vendors was using my images without consent and falsely advertising their product. Alibaba responded to my complaint in a timely fashion and assured me they would remove the content if no counter complaint was filed and no action was taken on the part of Queen Style Hairs Co. However, when I went back to the link where my image was featured, I found that my photo had already been removed, and replaced with a photo of Mae AKA "Natural Chica." I'm 99% sure this photo of Mae is also being used without her permission and this STILL indicates false advertisement of their own product. Sickening.  

All this is to say that this company, Queen Style Hairs Co., is completely fraudulent, and I'm sure there are other sites like this out there. "Buyer Beware" whenever ordering online! Do your research! And steer clear of this company!

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  1. Wow! I read your post with my mouth open. Good for you for getting this company to act! They had absolutely no right to use your photo without your permission. Besides I am sure that the wigs they sell could in no way be as beautiful as your hair. How dare they even suggest it!