October 26, 2010

First Bantu Knot Out Attempt

Because my hair is on a heat-free styling diet while I transition back to natural, I am having fun experimenting with different looks. This is my first ever attempt at bantu knots. I didn't wear them out, but put them in at night and took them down in the morning instead. .

First things first, I parted my hair (at this point, it was about 90% dry) into 16 sections.  Section by section I detangled my hair with the Olive Oil Root Stimulating Nourishing Spray and the Moisturizing Hair Lotion. Then, I started the bantu knots by making two-strand twists. Then I wrapped them around into the knots and secured them with bobby pins. (I made 1 or 2 bantu knots per section.) The sections I made weren't perfectly parted, but I didn't mind because my hair blended better when I took them down. When I wound them down to the bottom, I secured the knots with bobby pins and then I did some homework. ;)

 Here's what they looked like when they were finished:

The next step was to sleep on them...which really wasn't comfortable at all. Luckily, I had the knots in place for a couple of hours as I did my homework before bed. So, I figured I would take the bobby pins out to make it easier to sleep on. The knots stayed in place for the most part and the two-strand twists stayed completely together. When I took them out in the morning, I wasn't disappointed.

Don't ask me why I'm smiling at the floor in this one! Haha!

I like that I can get a curling-iron look without the heat damage.
Two ways to wear it:

Success? For a first attempt, yes. I still want to play with different techniques and sizes until I get a flawless finish. But for my very first try, I'm satisfied!


  1. I really like this hair style Ness. It looks great super cute!

  2. Thanks! I like this look too! =]