March 31, 2011

A Few Snips!

Hi all!
This is the first week back to school from Spring Break. I'm off to my FINAL undergraduate semester ever!

I chopped a few pieces of hair throughout my head in random places because I really just wanted to see the curl without the weight of the relaxed ends. It's a lot shorter without them!

It's very curly! Much different from the waves, like the ones in the previous post, that I'm used to seeing now. I want to use these pieces to gauge the ACTUAL length of my hair. When these pieces get to somewhere I'm comfortable with, that's when I'll chop the remaining ends off!

I have also noticed since now I have 6 months of new growth, my roots are really making my straw sets appear much, much fuller than they did when most of my hair was still relaxed. 
I LOVE it though! It's more natural-looking.<3
November 2010

March 2011

That's all for now! Thanks for checking in! Enjoy the rest of the week!

Click Here For My Straw Set Tutorial


  1. aww your so pretty, your hair is growing beautifully and looks so healthy!

  2. thank you! on both accounts! ha! =)

  3. I saw your YouTube videos and thought they were great. My hair is natural and has always been but I loved your straw set tutorial for my neice. She is 100% black and wants curls like mine (I'm 50% white 50% black) thanks for sharing your story. I'm so happy youve gone natural and are sharing your experience. :)
    Ps. You look like you could be my sister!!! Curls and dimples and all. :)

    1. My name is Sasha Rodriguez btw. :)

  4. Hi Sasha!
    Your comment was very sweet. =) I hope you and your niece had success with the straw set! And thanks so much for stopping by my youtube channel and checking out my blog! =)