May 4, 2011

Almost 9 months Post & Less Than 2 Months Until...

It's MAY! That means:
I am almost done with school. I graduate June 12th. 
It came and went way fast.
It's scary and sad and exciting all at once. 
But this also means I'm going to be super busy 
with finals and graduation and post-grad stuff.
So bear with me if I don't update for a while! 
I'm sorry in advance if I'm highly MIA for the next month or so.

Something else that has come and gone super fast: 
it's been almost nine months since my last relaxer!!!
And the more my hair grows in at the roots, 
the fuller my straw set turns out.
The bigger my hair gets, the more I love it. =)

(I don't know why I formatted this post so poem-like. Haha!)
That's all for now! I'll check in as soon as I can.
Thank you all for reading & keeping up with me! =)

Click Here For My Straw Set Tutorial


  1. I like this style on you. Watched a couple of your videos. Good luck