April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had as nice an Easter weekend as I did, regardless of whether you celebrate or not! =)

  The weekend started off with a trip to Malibu for my boyfriend's photography class. His assignment was to take 400 total headshots from 2 different "models." 100 indoors and 100 outdoors for each one. So of course, over the course of the weekend he enlisted my help for said assignment! Haha. Here are some photos from that first day on a fresh straw set. I kind of gave my hair more of a shape with some all-around layers and longer pieces in the front. You can sort of tell in these 2 shots:

The following day (Saturday) we headed to Six Flags-Magic Mountain. I LOVE rollercoasters!!! Unfortunately, we picked a bad weekend. I didn't realize it was Spring Break for most schools since I had my Spring Break 3 weeks ago. -_- That meant long lines. Nevertheless, we both had a lot of fun.

You can really see the cut I gave myself in this candid that Ryan (boyfriend) took. You can also see the color in the sunlight from the henna treatment. Look at it against my black top to get a better idea.

 Here are some more shots from Easter Sunday on a 3-day old straw set and after my hair being wind-whipped from riding roller coasters the day before:

I've finally figured out a method of shampooing my hair that doesn't get it all matted and tangled up in the process. I had to find a method ASAP because now that my hair has 7 months of new growth, it's gotten so easy for that to happen. I wouldn't call it a "pre-poo" method, as I understand that to mean applying oils and other products, (I don't want to deal with all that) but it is in a sense that it's something I'm doing before I shampoo. Really, I just add a a whole lot of conditioner to my whole head, detangle the hair that way and then rinse out the conditioner. After that, I braid my hair into two chunky pigtails, and shampoo my scalp with the braids still in it. It keeps the hair from getting all nasty and knotted up, and cleanses it just the same. After I'm done shampooing, I rinse the lather off down the braids and then apply conditioner. While the conditioner is in, I undo the braids, comb out/detangle my hair in the shower and resume my other routine showerly duties. I'll maybe do a short video on that later.
Anywho, that's all for now!
Hello to my new followers & thanks for keeping up with me as I document this thing! 
Have a great week! =)